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Landshark Subcompact Tractor Box Blade

Hi. I’m Ted from Everything Attachments. We’re here today with our new subcompact line of attachments. This is the first piece that we’ve had that would actually go down to a category zero and we don’t want to specialize to that, but we are going to make a few things that go down to a […]

How to use a Potato Plow to Harvest Potatoes

Hi. I’m Ted, with Everything Attachments. We’re here with the potato plow; it’s a universal piece. First, we’re going to use it to just make a furrow in the top of our beds. It’s not really a furring attachment, but it will work for that. Then we’re going to use it deep like you would […]

How To Plow Your Garden With A Compact Tractor

Hi. I’m Ted, from Everything Attachments. We’re here today with the model 19-12 plow. We’ve got a new Bobcat tractor that we’re trying out. This is what we’re going to be using for our smaller videos in 2011. We’ve just received this tractor; it doesn’t even have an hour on it yet. All of the […]

How To Plant Seeds in Your Garden The Easy Way

Ted: Hi, I’m Ted with Everything Attachments. We’re here today, we’re finishing up on part of our garden here that we’re working on with Peanut in the last couple days. So this is our cole planter. We had…and we wouldn’t sell it on our website because we say we won’t sell Chinese attachments, and that […]

How To Cultivate Your Garden With A Kubota Tractor

Hi, I’m Ted with Everything Attachments. We’re here today with our Cultivator 110. This is a cultivator that’s similar to the old Leinbach cultivator except we’re using heavy duty, Italian-made tines, double reversible forged points. We’re making all of the yellow part in-house. We’re even putting these things here through a nice roller here so […]

How To Make Garden Beds WIth A Kubota B Series Compact Tractor

I’m Ted from Everything Attachments, and we’re here with our GB60 today which goes on even a much larger tractor than this. This is probably as small as you would want to put it on. I love this because it’s got the Clevis hitch on it. It’s easy to hook up for these tractors that […]

How to Use a Disc Harrow

Hi. I’m Ted, from Everything Attachments. We’re here to show you how to use and adjust the Model 240 Disc Harrow. This disc harrow does have an adjustment to be able to change the angles of your gangs. These are called gangs, they’re 18 inches in diameter, there are 16 of them. This is the […]

How To Aerate Your Lawn With A Lawn Plugger

So we’re here today with our new Lawn Air plugger. We’re here with Peanut. We brought one of our employees tractors to use, because our bob cats were on another job. This is a nice little Massey Ferguson. It’s made by Secky [sp]. It’s a great little tractor and it’s the perfect sized tractor to […]