How To Make Garden Beds WIth A Kubota B Series Compact Tractor

I’m Ted from Everything Attachments, and we’re here with our GB60 today which goes on even a much larger tractor than this. This is probably as small as you would want to put it on. I love this because it’s got the Clevis hitch on it. It’s easy to hook up for these tractors that do have the center stabilizer bars.

You’ve got infinite adjustment for all your stuff. This is in the deluxe version, including the laying off plow.

The laying off plow, depending on what you’re wanting for a bed, you can make it any width. You can even end up with a wide bed where it falls in just right and it’ll leave a furrow right in the middle without this. So just depending on what you want to do, determines if you need this.
Sometimes I just use this if I don’t have a planter to drag a row right down the middle so I can do my planting by hand. Once you get it this soft it’s really easy to do by hand.

The general setting I like to start out is with it directly behind the pull arms, that seems to make a pretty nice bed for in general. We’ve moved the C tines and the plow points to directly behind the tires on this smaller tractor, so we’ve moved it in. And you can adjust that.

If you have a wider tractor, you can put this all the way to the end; you can turn the L to the side which will bring you out to here so you’re able to cover a tractor that’s about seven feet wide if you had to.

The C tines, there’s more to it than you think. This is an Italian made C tine. It’s a good piece. It’s a lot better than some I’ve seen. We even go to the trouble here to keep it from being able to turn easily, which is a problem with a lot of them. We actually put a bend on this piece here. It’s like a cup. So just the outer edges kinda dig into that tine right there to keep it from being able to slide easy. So you don’t have to tighten it to death and it still moves.

We’re going to give it a try like it’s set up, see what kind of bed we end up. This is going to be for squash and cucumbers. We’re going to do it on the far side, so if the vines grow over into the grass it won’t matter instead of covering up the whole garden, like watermelon and squash and stuff will. Let’s go ahead and get lined up, Peanut, use that outer edge, see if we need to make any adjustments.

The C tines in there are just there and you can see that they’re perfectly lined up with the tread. And what that’s going to do is as the tractor packs down this loose ground, it’s just going to break it back up so you don’t have packed areas in your garden. Go ahead and go see what you need to do, we’ll see what we need to adjust. So that’s bringing up the center. That’s about all I want for what I’m planting. It’s bringing up the tire tread to keep the hard place from happening there.

It actually right now… I don’t really want the furrowing attachment on it; would actually probably do better without it. But it’s leveling off the top of that hill from being a point so that’s going to be fine. That looks good.

Just for a first shot of adjusting everything, and… that’s pretty close to right as you can tell. If you want a bigger bed, you just spread your disk out. If you want a smaller bed, you can move them in to where you’re making a really short bed for something.

Also have a GB50 that has a narrow hitch that’s going to work even better on the BX. And it also has a wide hitch where it will work with a full size tractor.

All right let’s make one more. I’m going to remove that furrowing attachment, just because I don’t want a furrow right in the top of it. Where’s that wrench?

Same way. I’m going to raise this on up, Peanut.

Okay. Oh yeah. So we raised the furrowing attachment up, looking for a little taller bed for the cantaloupe or the watermelon.

All right.