How to Use a Disc Harrow

Hi. I’m Ted, from Everything Attachments. We’re here to show you how to use and adjust the Model 240 Disc Harrow. This disc harrow does have an adjustment to be able to change the angles of your gangs. These are called gangs, they’re 18 inches in diameter, there are 16 of them. This is the model 240 16/18. You can change the pitch on these discs simply by removing this one bolt. This will slide forwards or backwards, allowing the angles to change. The more you angle them, the more cut you get, and the finer your ground is going to get. It also takes a little more horsepower to pull them the more you cut them.

This particularly disc has roller bearings in it that are greasable, instead of the friction bearings, which is what they used to start out with in the old days, which still work fine on the lighter weight plows and discs. For a garden, just remember, the first thing you always want to do to start a garden is plow your garden first, and then you can either use a disc harrow or a tiller.

You can see, it takes the big clods, breaks them up, makes them soft, makes it a lot easier to plant. You can go over it twice if you like. That’s usually what I do, if a disc harrow is what I was using instead of a tiller. You can also drag a phone pole or a chain harrow, something like that behind it, to give you an even finer grade.

With this particular tractor and those industrial tires, we could have used a one-size-larger disc to fully take out our tracks a little better. That’s beginning to chop it up and look like you’d want it to, to plant your garden.