How to use a Potato Plow to Harvest Potatoes

Hi. I’m Ted, with Everything Attachments. We’re here with the potato plow; it’s a universal piece. First, we’re going to use it to just make a furrow in the top of our beds. It’s not really a furring attachment, but it will work for that. Then we’re going to use it deep like you would to bring the potatoes to the top.

He’s just going to kind of pay attention to how deep he’s going and leave a furrow in the top of that bed there. Which he’s going a little deep there. Come up just a little bit, Kevin. Peanut. We’re a little bit off to one side and we’re a little bit too deep, really, for that. That would be a really big furrow, but it would work. You could still plant your crop and bring it in.

OK. Right now, we’re just using the potato plow as a furrower and not going very deep. Up, Peanut; up, up.All right.

This time, we’re going to go deep; we’re going to go probably about this deep. Just like if there was crop of potatoes here, the sweeping part of this plow foot here is going to bring them to the top. That really needs to be a little bit deeper, but it would still be bringing them to the top.

OK. On the last pass, we’ve made the first pass with the potato plow like we would be bringing potatoes up to the top of the ground to be gotten. All tractors pretty much have some different adjustments here on this lift links. As you can see, this one has 2 holes; we’re in the upper hole. The lift was down as far as it would go and we’re almost as deep as we needed to be to plow potatoes, but it needs to be just a little bit deeper. We’re going to drop these pins to the next hole, to let the plow go deeper. OK. We’ve lowered our lift links. We really want to get deep to bring our potatoes to the top of the ground. That’s getting about 18 inches under the top of the heel, or the bed there. That would be bringing your potatoes to the top.